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$ 3,000 manufacturers, members for greater payments Coverage Slideamputee and manufacturers of prosthetic urging lawmakers in several states, the legislature, the report by the private insurance companies cover prosthesis similar to Medicare, the Wall Street Journal, would have introduce. Eight states currently have laws mandating prosthesis coverage similar to Medicare and 27 other states are considering similar laws get information here . The Amputee Coalition of America is lobbying to introduce a bill in Congress. – Medicare covers at least 80 percent of the costs of prostheses and allows regular exchanges , usually every five years, according to the Journal. But the Journal reports that Medicare also covers computer-assisted prostheses. As technological advances have caused production and distribution costs of the devices increase, many health insurance companies have put on prosthetic coverage limits of $ 2,500 or $ 5,000 annually or limited coverage to only one device per beneficiary in life. The cost of regular prostheses can be between $ 3,000 and $ 15 and the cost can be as high as $ 40 000 for technologically advanced or aided devices. According to the Journal, prosthetic among the biggest-ticket items from the health insurance companies and employers efforts to increasing costs involved in health care are included. – The Journal reports that supporters say the mandates that would cover the additional cost only a few cents in monthly premium increases and also encourage the recipients of the limbs to be active and avoid the expensive medical services and other questions problems associated with obesity or secure.

Dallas Morning News.ent hits highest level in three yearsSCHIP enrollment in Texas rose by 24,000 children, or 7 percent, this month, bringing total enrollment to 382,000 – the highest level in three years, reports the Dallas Morning News. State Health and Human Services Commission spokeswoman Stephanie Goodman said the increase because of a decision last year SCHIP coverage six months to extend up to 12 months before a family must submit pay stubs and other information to children was expected to renew enrollment in the program.


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