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‘People should be aware the situation, alert your own for health health their family. ‘said the governor . ‘Our Department of Public Health has established a panel of experts on infectious diseases and reached out to emergency rooms and doctors all over the state to increase monitoring. I get twice daily updates from … [Read more…]

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Clinic and IBM score significant advance in real-time medical imagingstaff of the Mayo Clinic and IBM have exploited parallel computer architecture and memory bandwidth to dramatically speed up the processing of 3 – D medical images. The feed significantly aids image registration – the computer-enhanced orientation in three-dimensional space of two medical images at different … [Read more…]

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They also research research, whether this simple and inexpensive things like encouraging travelers to walk around and drink plenty of water makes a difference, be carried out particularly on longer journeys check this web-site . The results suggest that CCN2 hammerhead ribozyme has utility as a therapeutic agent for the treatment of hepatic fibrosis … [Read more…]