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Withoutm that date.a Office is to 4th Closed in January 2005, and we will be able to help with all queries from that date.. Contact Matt Goode, BBSRC Media Office Tel: 01793 413299, email:Please note: BBSRC Media Office is 24th Closed in December 2004 – 4 January 2005 Notes for Editors This research functions of … [Read more…]

As mice and other organisms age

As mice and other organisms age, the pool of neural stem cells in the brain shrinks and produces fewer new neurons . These natural changes correlate with the gradual loss of cognitive ability and sensory functions that occur as we approach the end of our lives. However, the lifetime of some experimental animals … [Read more…]

The certification on a variety of aesthetic

The American Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery hosts cosmetic surgery conferences throughout the year, the certification on a variety of aesthetic, non-invasive cosmetic surgery techniques and procedures that are highly sought after by doctors from around the world in aesthetic medicine and surgery specialty. ‘AAAMS offers the most comprehensive courses, so the time for … [Read more…]