A Spa in the Kitchen

Wouldn’t it be so good to go to a spa, have someone massage your feet, and have an invigorating facial mask? If you’re really stressed out at work or at home, you deserve a little R & R every now and then. But alas, not everyone can have that luxury. So what are you to do?

If you can’t go to a spa or a salon, then you can settle for a facial mask using food found in your kitchen. Say what? Yes, that’s right – you can have that refreshing facial mask using what’s available in your kitchen. But to add a little touch, get some warm water, add some salt, and dip your feet in there while watching TV – the salty water will exfoliate the dead skin on your feet.

Okay, so before you have a salt water foot spa, it’s best that you prepare your facial mask so you can put it on while you have your foot spa.

Prepare 1 egg white, a cup of oatmeal, and a tablespoon of honey. Prepare your blender, mix all of these ingredients together, and blend. Blend until all the ingredients are fine but not too fine that you can already drink it. Make sure some oatmeal grains are still visible.

Okay, so now prepare some warm towels, sit in front of the TV with your feet dipped in salt water, place the face towels above your forehead and below your chin. While leaning back on the couch, apply some of the mixture to your face. Make sure you cover every part of your skin, including the neck.

Once your face is fully covered, relax, listen to music, or watch some TV. After 30 minutes, stand up, wash your feet with lukewarm water, and wash your face with warm water. Rub away all the remaining mixture and look in the mirror – don’t you look refreshed?

Oatmeal grains exfoliate dead skin cells while egg white firms your skin, and honey makes your skin look healthier. When your face looks ultra stressed, spare some 30 minutes and remove all that stress by doing your very own spa from the kitchen.