A total of 45 patients were enrolled into the study.

Six months tient in the active treatment received about a billion viral vectors. It is not clear how long do pump out the GAD gene GABA. There were also a few cases where the pumps delivering the treatment during surgery and the failure cases from the analysis were also taken. The final analysis included 16 patients who have active treatment and 21 who received the sham surgery.. A total of 45 patients were enrolled into the study.

The principal investigator of the study, Andrew Feigin, associate professor of neurology and molecular medicine at the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research in Manhasset, and the study was funded by Neurologix was, Early development of the therapy was done Michael Kaplitt and Matthew During, authors of the current study. The study was conducted in seven U.S. Medical centers.Was really interesting to brain abnormalities base value Key Element of Borderline Personality Disorder.

Unfortunately, tracking activity and the hypothalamus did most hard with functional MRI . ‘Due to its special able, you to get a lot of signal loss,’explains the researcher.