About Biomodels founded Biomodels.

About Biomodels – founded Biomodels, a preclinical contract research organization in 1997, developed and conducted more than 1,000 clinical studies for biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, particularly in the areas of cancer, cancer supportive treatment, radiation therapy , and inflammatory diseases.

Said, approval of our application for approval AGO13 the FDA was clearly the result of of our successful joint efforts with Biomodels scientists who worked closely with us in a complex process that involves the development of innovative, high-quality sites,’said Dr. Mark Vaeck CEO ActoGeniX. The preclinical data package developed allows us to see how AGO13 could be be used clinically, ‘he said. ‘can now seamlessly can now seamlessly translate Biomodels ‘ research in our clinical trials, thus speeding up the drug development process, ‘ – Edward Fey, CEO of Biomodels said,.Noon Recognizing this, the Congressional Dietary Supplement Caucus, at cooperation with two leading trade associations, which the diet supplements industry, which Council for Responsible Nutrition and said was played Natural Products Association spokesman recently an Brief, ‘Women’s Health and Wellness 101:. Dietary Supplements ‘Here is the fourth in a series by midday loudspeakers founded since the the Congressional Dietary Supplement caucuses. Turn the speaker briefing are to to educate the Congressional employees of important issues related to of the safety and benefits of nutritional supplements..

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