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Wall Street Journal Examines cost-cutting practice of reuse some productsThe Wall Street Journal on Wednesday examined efforts by some U.S. Hospitals to decrease health care costs by reducing recycling certain medical devices that have been marked for single use. According to the Journal, the practice is legal as long as hospitals follows FDA for reprocessing equipment used like scissors, clinical scrubs and sharp blades cut cut through bone.

Agency for International Development Inspector General has raised questions on various USAID expenditures on a series of faith-based projects in the former initiates President George W. Says a Los Angeles Times. Among other things, the report the use of instructional materials, including Bible verses, in HIV / AIDS prevention program, sexual abstinence be promoted in Africa highlighted the editorial continued. Adds that adds that USAID said that it allows stopped ‘ religiously infused curriculum for the Department of Justice raised concerns. According to the Times raises the question several questions, including whether the U.S. Constitution is violated when U.S. Officials abroad advocating religious activities in the promotion this nation ‘s foreign policy.##1 Kangaroo Mother Care reduced pains of the heel spear into highly preterm infant: a crossover study Celeste Johnston, Francoise Filion, Marsha Campbell – Yeo, Celine Goulet, Linda Bell, Kathryn J McNaughton, Jasmine Byron, Marilyn Aita, ALLEN Finley and Claire DOMINIQUE Walker BMC Pediatrics Article available on to the journal’s Web site All products are All articles are available free of charge , according to BioMed Central ‘s open access policy.