Adds opinions Western Europe

Adds opinions Western Europe, Australia Profiles Pieces About HIV / AIDS in Latin America, United States Blacks – The Lancet in an editorial on Saturday, profile piece and view of HIV / AIDS in Latin America, the Caribbean and the U.S. Blacks . Summaries appear below.

‘Jorge Saavedra: committed campaigner on HIV / AIDS in is profiled ‘: the Lancet Saavedra, director of the National Centre Mexico is profiled for the prevention and Control of HIV / AIDS, or CENSIDA. Saavedra is articulate a ‘and openly gay with with HIV in a predominantly Catholic country where homophobia and the machismo culture continue the societal drivers of HIV – should be to transfer, ‘according to the Lancet. Saavedra also ‘helped secure Mexico as host ‘for the AIDS conference, the Lancet reports. ‘the epidemic in Africa is huge and be a priority, but that focus ignores the fact that take HIV to take its toll in other regions, still ‘Saavedra said (The.

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