All accepted abstracts will be published online and in print

In 2008, the Company received a record number of abstract submissions and more than 950 were accepted for oral or poster presentation . All accepted abstracts will be published online and in print. Abstracts, if selected, will be for oral or poster presentation.

DiscussSociety Announces 2009 Call for AbstractsThis week, The Obesity Society, the leading professional and scientific organization the study of to the study of obesity, its 2009 call for abstracts for this year’s scientific meeting held to be submitted in Washington, 24-28 October 2009, at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel. The company also announced details of a new abstract submission process.

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Two further trials says at ICAD 2009 show high Alzheimer’s risk to veterans of with post-traumatic stress disorder , and the lower Alzheimer’s risk in adults to consume the moderate amounts of alcohol. – ‘Your brain play an important role at almost anything that you do: thinking, feeling, remembering, working and playing – even sleep under,’said Mary Carrillo, Director of Medical and Scientific Relations at which AD Association. ‘The good news is that we now know there are lots you can do to help out your mind healthier as the It grow old. 30 to 85 even To reduce your risk for the development Alzheimer’s disease or another dementia. ‘There exists a strong and credible link between heart health and brain health learn when people know and some basic changes in lifestyle, such is more physically active eating one brain healthy diet, this could an enormous impact our nation cost of healthcare health care costs, ‘Carrillo included. – adults are to show an insufficient understanding of of Alzheimer’s Link to Heart Health Risk Factors.