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Instead of a separate team for each disease treated such a program up to seven illnesses at once. Until now, diseases that jump from animals to humans not much attention. But the pork tapeworm is an obvious candidate, as infected people may with praziquantel, a low-cost drug that is already part of the combination package against Schistosoma worms are .. Also last year, researchers at ITM shown that pigs against the tapeworm can be vaccinated, for the first time the circuit.

The people are infected by the pork tapeworm, Taenia solium, by eating raw pork, the larvae. The larva grows into a tapeworm and installs itself in your intestine, where it usually causes little harm. It produces eggs that leave your body with feces. When pigs human feces human feces, as was the case in poor developing countries produce eggs larvae to settle in pigs, and the cycle is maintained. Problems arise when a person takes, for the first time through contaminated water or food. In humans, these eggs grow into cysts in the tissues, including the brain, where they can cause serious neurological problems such as epilepsy... This is very exciting news, said Dr. Richard Besser, ABC News ‘ director health and health an editor and a retired managing director of the CDC. There has many implications. There and number of the number of adults who was be vaccinated., It becomes much easier vaccine programs need not more to help people pursue between to the first and second doses. There will greatly reduce the cost of of the vaccination programs. It is increase the number of people are willing will be vaccinated.

The new vaccine is is under development just since May. Said first trials in humans of a vaccine candidate began in Australia in late July. – ‘Generally, I think the results are some good news,’agreed Dr. John Treanor Professor of infectious diseases at the University of Rochester Medical Centre into Rochester, NY ‘The is additional information can be of other ongoing studies should in brief and and which hopefully establishing these conclusions However of general impression I think that Adult, one single dose of vaccine will be sufficiently ‘..