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As this research project is, it could expand to an investigation, whether a high level of brain globins are correlated with long life in particular. Bowhead whales species are known to live as long as 211 years, Williams turned That makes them wonder how their brains are protected and whether whales ever suffer strokes. These animals may have solved the aging brain problem, she said, might Neuroglobins us some tips, follow this web-site .

The research hasn ‘t completely solved the mystery, but it is a first step, said Mary Zavanelli, professor of molecular, cell and developmental biology at UCSC. Zavanelli developed laboratory techniques for the measurement of the quantity and types of globins in the brain tissue through the analysis of gene expression. In this way, they confirmed the species differences. ‘It will not be a quick answer because this is complicated biology,’said Zavanelli ‘But the techniques are straightforward and simple, so it only a matter of focusing on our issues. The big issue is enough brain tissue, which primarily in good shape is mainly found in wild animals. ‘.

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