Before the videos were made.

Before the videos were made, the scientists tested the couples and identified their genotype GG, AG or AA. Individuals homozygous for the G allele defines the oxytocin receptor tend to be pro-social by the researchers as the ability, in a way that benefits another person act. In contrast, tend to support the A version of the gene have a higher risk of autism, as well as self-reported having fewer positive emotions, empathy and parental sensitivity.

What is not known, however, is that which comes from the genetic level to the behavior. Ie, the exact way the gene is the biology underlying behavior influences still poorly understood and remains a key theme of the Saturn Saturn, for one, that people can and to overcome their genes want all the time.While to assist raise awareness of common risk factors, signs and symptoms by heart disease and stroke. Due to the encourage women and to encourage them to to the on Tobacco Control, women that first steps into acquisition of control about which healthy heart. – World No Smoking Daythe World Heart Federation supports World No Tobacco Day on May 31, organizing out of World Health Organization , the topic 2010 is ‘Gender and tobacco with focus on marketing on women ‘..

, In this year the World Congress of Cardiology in Beijing on June 16 to 19 takes place, will also host the 3rd International Conference on on Women, Heart Disease and Stroke. The World Heart Federation has been in co – cooperation with the International Network of Women Against Tobacco , holding two meetings throughout the conference, measures exploring female from the damaging effects by tobacco to protect.