Bi-ventricular get more information.

Current guidelines only recommend the pacemaker for heart failure patients with a delay in the left ventricle, bi-ventricular. – on an electrocardiogram . However, research with cardiac magnetic resonance imaging has suggested that more patients with heart failure benefit from a biventricular pacemaker get more information .

‘from a previous study we know that the patients benefit dyssychrony of bi-ventricular pacemaker, ‘Dr Leyva continued: ‘the work pacemaker. This case , since they. Two wires that go into the two pumping chambers of the heart In this study these wires to the two chambers of the heart beat to get in a coordinated fashion. In this study, we want to give patients with bi-ventricular dyssynchrony pacemaker and follow their progress. ‘The team of cardiologists at Good Hope Hospital hopes that England through this research that they shows that many more patients the pacemaker should be given to save the quality of life of many more patients with heart failure and ultimately life. Heart of NHS Foundation Trust includes Heartlands and Solihull Hospital, Birmingham Chest Clinic and Good Hope Hospital , it now serves a population of over one million euros and employs more than 10,000 people, so that one of the top five employers in the Midlands there.

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