But he has indicated he will veto a fee on certain companies.

the Fee is considered a key piece of legislation, because it is about $ 45 million per year would increase and encourage some companies provide provide the care, the Globe reports (Boston Globe.. The report is available online Note: You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the reportMassachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is expected to sign to sign a bill that will expand the health care coverage to nearly all the state uninsured residents, but he has indicated he will veto a fee on certain companies, the insurance no, the Boston Globe reports (Phillips / Helman, Boston Globe, the bill, which was approved by the state legislature on April 4, would require all residents to health insurance by July 1, 2007 to purchase, and would be a low-cost, state-subsidized health insurance program for residents an income an income up to 300 percent of federal poverty level plane.

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