A Spa in the Kitchen

Wouldn’t it be so good to go to a spa, have someone massage your feet, and have an invigorating facial mask? If you’re really stressed out at work or at home, you deserve a little R & R every now and then. But alas, not everyone can have that luxury. So what are you to … [Read more…]

5 Reasons Eggs Are Awesome

Today I was reading this recent article by Forbes which cites three major recent studies – one conducted on thousands of people over the course of up to 22 years – which, together, pretty much debunk the idea that eating eggs is bad for you. The idea that eggs can be harmful is a side-effect … [Read more…]

4 Ways Women Can Improve Their Heart Health

Research has shown that more women often die from stroke and heart attacks than breast cancer. However, when the women take up measures, they can always improve their heart health without having to buy expensive and dangerous pills sold in the markets. Here are some of the ways that women can improve their heart health: … [Read more…]