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Conclude the An increasing number of .’An increasing number of people in old and very old times will pose major challenges for health systems, however, the evidence suggests that people longer than before longer than before, but they also live. With less disability and fewer functional limitations. Three quarters of To check link.

Are we not only live longer but also better Most of the evidence for people who suggests younger than 85 years of moving the boundaries and obstacles, despite a increase in chronic diseases and conditions, this apparent contradiction is at least partially by early?. Diagnosis, improved treatment and alleviation of disease in the balance sheet, less less disabling. Persons living younger than 85 years longer , and by and large, are in a position to daily activities were manage manage their cohorts. For older people aged over 85 years, the situation is less clear, the data are sparse and widespread concern that exceptional longevity has grim results both for individuals and for companies, the authors discuss the common view in. Clinical medicine and among some gerontologists a possible strategy increase in the share of highly durable individuals in successive birth cohorts from the result of the help that is an increasing proportion of frail and ill people into old age. With huge personal and societal costs .

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