Could be related to abnormal expression of IGF-1R.

After Godwin and studies studies are the first to demonstrate that the development of wild-type GIST, could be related to abnormal expression of IGF-1R. ”IGF-1R overproduction seems a common factor in a number of different types of cancer, and there are several IGF – 1R – targeted therapeutic agents in the development and in clinical trials, is also effective against GIST ‘Godwin says. ‘As is so often the case with targeted therapies, we need to find the right patients for much as we much as we have to find the right medication for the disease. ‘.

In most occurrences, GISTs develop through a mutation in which genes c-KIT or PDGFR, the Glivec both objectives? GISTs without these mutations, known as the wild-type and pediatric GIST, not often well to treatment with Gleevec.To our knowledge is the first study investigating the correlation between MAO-A and COMT nucleotide polymorphisms and an answer with placebo in people has suffer major depressive disorder to explore, he said.