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Professor Xu technique ideal to establish nude mouse transplantation model? Establishment of human gastric cancer nude mouse transplantation models has undergone three representative stages: subcutaneous transplantation of cell suspension, gastric wall seeding of cell suspension and intra – gastric wall transplantation of intact tissue histologically, of which the fresh tissue orthotopic transplantation model has two types: the ‘suture ‘method the the ‘gastric bursa method ‘But the ‘seam method’or the ‘gastric bursa method ‘transplantation has many practical difficulties and disadvantages in creating the model, for example, the tumor tissue is simple. Fall off postoperatively; manipulation is complicated and requires relatively high skills, it can be great loss of blood during stitching, and mortality is relatively high.

This p38 MAP kinase A modulator of the apoptosis and surviving ways as well is an important regulator of cytokine production, said Kevin Koch, President and Chief Scientific Officer. Down – regulation cytokine brought in tumor progression. We believe p38 inhibitors may be who significant anti-tumor effect carried inhibiting these code cytokine is signals are. ARRY-614 was potent inhibition of cytokine in Phase 1 healthy subject proven studies. Highly compatible this supports using ARRY-614 for treating cytokine – dependent, hematologic malignancies, including the myelodysplastic syndromes and multiple myeloma, to an additional possible in particular cytokines – depending fixed tumor indications. .