Early detection is the key to control vision loss from glaucoma.

Early detection is the key to control vision loss from glaucoma, but because of the current financial crisis, age of 40, likely that more people will go to get out of her sight test. Many people are eligible for a free trial, but it does not know. The total cost of vision loss in the United Kingdom at 4.9 billion euros a year and the estimated medical costs is related to visual impairment was 128 million was 12-month 12-month period ? Can we really afford not to go for an eye test?

Do not let the credit crunch squeeze vision!In the wake of the credit crunch keeps on crunching and finances are squeezed tighter and tighter, it is tempting to visit to the optometrist and continue with your old specifications for a few months. Your vision your vision is good, then it’s even less likely that you make an appointment for an eye test – eventually you can ‘see’that there is nothing wrong!Degree 3 or Grad 4 platelets abnormalities, including thrombocytopenic events were observed in 14 percent of patients treated with TEMODAL.. In this study, lived more than twice as many patients of the TEMODAL groups two years, compared with 10 % those radiation therapy radiotherapy. Median overall survival at TEMODAL group of had also significantly improved compared for radiotherapy single group. TEMODAL treatment has been generally well, the most commonly reported adverse reactions in patients 14 percent in combination with radiotherapy on TEMODAL a monotherapy include decreased appetite, headache, constipation, nausea, vomiting, loss of hair, rash, seizures and weariness accepted.