Experts say a it is only a matter of time before the H5N1 avian flu virus strain.

Experts say a it is only a matter of time before the H5N1 avian flu virus strain, the most deadly, learns quickly spread among humans – transmission from person to person. When this happens, we a serious a serious, global flu pandemic. -to-person spread among the people would have the avian flu virus a change a change . It could do this if it was a person, the normal human flu infected. The bird flu virus could exchange genetic information with the human flu virus and pick up their ability to spread from person-to-person.

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Researchers an Interdisciplinary Research Consortium in Geroscience locationsThe Buck Institute for Research on Ageing is launching a new scientific discipline called Geroscience on the interface between at the interface of normal aging and age-related diseases. A five-year $ 25 million U.S. Dollars grant from the National Institute of Health Roadmap for Medical Research Multidisciplinary Forschungsverbund in the Geroscience one will at the Department. The Buck was given a of nine Roadmap awards granted in the USA This is the largest allowance by the Institute in its eight years of history preserved.