HIV positive people officially registered more than 305.

Dementyeva, that in most regions of Russia about 72 percent of HIV-positive people contracted the disease through injection drug use and more than 40,000 HIV cases were diagnosed among prisoners. She added that the number of HIV cases attributed to sexual transmission rises Xinhuanet (Xinhuanet.. HIV positive people officially registered more than 305,000 HIV cases since 1987, UNAIDS estimated 860,000 casesRussia slightly more a little more than 305,000 HIV-positive people since 1987, a Russian official said Monday, Xinhuanet reports (Xinhuanet, since 1987.242 HIV with HIV were registered in Russia, and that number 1285 had AIDS.

In the United States, 9 % of the general pregnant population – and up to 27 % of low-income minorities , pregnant women – have anemia. Up to 95 % of anemia in pregnancy is caused by iron deficiency. The results of this study underscore the need to further evaluate maternal nutritional status and the possible effects on the respiratory health of children. .Some of diseases, such as lung and gastric cancers or liver diseases which, due to to the difficulty of diagnosis, symptoms which often confused with routine disorders. Therefore, in most cases, only at an advanced at an advanced stage of. Last methods of early as a as an urgent need.