Jobs at Expo

Meet employers and recruitment consultants from the Gulf States, USA, Australia and New Zealand looking to fill areas of shortage in the healthcare industry.

We’ve surveyed the employers attending and these are the roles they will be recruiting for at the expo. Please take your CV with you to the event, as the recruiting managers will be scheduling interviews or interviewing on the day.
Healthcare and medical roles in all specialisations including:

Aged Care Nurses
Cardiac Catheter Lab Registered Nurses
Cardiac Nurses
Charge Nurses – OR, SICU, ED
Coronary and Cardiac Nurses
Community Nursing & Home Care
Emergency Department Nurses
Enrolled Nurses
Health and Aged Care
ICU Nurses
High Dependency Unit Nurses
Masters Prepared Registered Nurse
Mental Health and Disability Nurses
Neonatal Nurses
Nursing Directors
Nurse Educators – Trauma Wards(London only)
Nurse Managers – Emergency Department
Nurse Manager – Trauma Wards
Nursing Supervisors
Paediatric and Special Care Nurses
Registered Nurses / Nurse Specialists
Registered Psychiatric Nurses
Staff Nurses – Emergency Room
Staff Nurses – Med / Surg
Staff Nurses – Operating Room
Theatre Nurses

Accident and Emergency
Chief Medical Officers
General Dentists / Dental Surgeons (London only)
General Medicine
General Practitioners
General Surgeons (London only)
Head of Emergency Medicine (London only)
Intensive Care
Senior Emergency Medicine Physicians (London only)
Senior Registrar Paediatrics (London only)

Allied Health Workers
Clinical Educators
Infection Control Specialists (London only)
Justice Health
Masters Prepared Physiotherapist
Occupational Therapists
ODPs/Anaesthetic Techs
Speech Therapists (Manchester)

Administrators (London only)
Facilities Engineering Supervisors (London only)
Facility/ Health & Safety Supervisors (London only)
Finance Supervisors (London only)
Quality Assurance Specialists (London only)