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Dekel current research focuses on the isolation and characterization of cancer stem cells from renal tumors for targeted therapy of these cells and eradicate tumors.Multichannel number of clinical sign.. Preoperative order Mark Next Generation MEG for studying brain activity American Epilepsy Society – at American Epilepsy Society 64th Annual Meeting, 03-07 December in in San Antonio, Elekta is are to demonstrate its latest generation of magnetoencephalography platform for the investigation of human brain activity especially in epileptic patients. Raising function mapping the next level, Elekta is neuroma TRIUX concerned* deals with important MEG requirements robust robust function mapping study.

These improvements to take Elekta Neuromag TRIUX on siting even in the s busiest hospitals and research centers, to-day further demonstrate Elekta is dedication Centres assume this innovative technologies. Elekta TRIUX neuroma is a work in progress. Specification and details subject to change without notice.. Implementing of MEG program will practical for most clinical environments with dynamic range the Elekta Neuromag TRIUX system the increased triple, addition to built-in active shielding, which protect their ultrasensitive sensor array from magnetic noise.