Ms Gilli thickener is also medication for her husband after his registration expired status

Sylvia Gilli enhancer was used as a practice nurse at Warrington Causeway Medical Centre between January 2003 and July 2006, when she registered her husband entered the Medical Centre as a temporary patient while already with his own GP. Ms Gilli thickener is also medication for her husband after his registration expired status, and prescribed medications that. With what he already prescribed under protest, a danger to his health .

Sylvia Gilli Shrouded actions missed the standard in its Code of Conduct, and expect those trust of someone of her caring career though. The plate with Ms. Gilli thickeners situation sympathy and realized that she acted under duress, the committee decided that the reputation of the nursing profession , it was in the best interest of Mrs. Gilli Shrouded remove the registration status to uphold. .

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