PICTF was launched in November 1999.

PICTF was launched in November 1999, and the Prime Minister in March 2001. PICTF the report can be found here. The United Kingdom is the EU leader in biomedical research and development, setting the debate on health issues to drive. Almost 20 percent home to two of of the world’s ten largest pharmaceutical companies and other research-based multinational companies that cooperate strongly with the science and the NHS. High Level Pharmaceutical Forum.

Co-Chair:Lord Hunt John Patterson1 David Brennan2 .

The Ministerial industry Strategy Group , a group of ministers, officials and key figures from the pharmaceutical industry, developed the plan as long term Leadership Strategy, the looked announced supported to improving relations between the NHS and industry to better use of cost-effective medicines to the presentation of the report, said the Department of Health Minister Lord Hunt:.Minister for Health Jean – Francois Mattei said German radio for the government carried out answers which were needed. .