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Pulmonary artery, only provides the pulmonary artery, the blood leads to the oxygen from the lungs to the left ventricle. The aorta oxygen-rich oxygen-rich blood from the heart into the body, usually arises from the left ventricle. The body is not capable of getting enough oxygen and the heart works harder to oxygen-rich blood to the body pump pumped www.levitra-20.com here . Unique case cases, the pulmonary artery and the aorta and connected separately to the two separate lower chambers with open heart surgery. But in Sara’s case, biventricular repair was impossible. In an open-heart surgery at another hospital a junction box was constructed in the heart, the vena cava inferior to the junction connecting the left pulmonary artery, the right pulmonary artery, and the superior vena cava. Rush director of the new Center for Congenital and Structural Heart Disease. Sara had a process narrowing correct the narrowing of subject. .

After a few hours after completion of the procedure, and Sara was talking about. They smiled and can leave the hospital the next day. Sara heart is beautiful work, it was an exceptional service, ‘said Dr. Sonia El – Saeidi, the Saras doctor from Egypt who flew with her patients the process. The process. ‘We see the constriction was relieved and everything is fully functional. ‘.

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