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Nanotoxicologist Brian Thrall and colleagues demonstrated that size does not matter most by total area as a measure of dose, rather than particle mass or number of particles, and observing how cultured cells responded biologically. ‘Look if you get the area as the dose metric, then similar types of responses regardless of the size of the particle,’said Thrall, a scientist at the Department of Energy Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Richland, Wash. ‘This suggests the chemistry that will not change the biological responses, if you are driving down to the smallest nanoparticles www.sildenafil-online.net read more . ‘.

What is the ideal relationship between the pharmaceutical industry, health professionals and patients?The relationship between the pharmaceutical industry, academia, healthcare professionals and patients is generally believed that an all-time low. Discuss five different views on bmj.com today published what should be the ideal relationship and what steps should be taken to achieve this objective have to be.

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