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He added that, that the authorities could be other means were used to. Aboard the ship, such as the seizure of drugs Women on Waves said in a statement after the verdict that she planned to travel to Portugal to provide sex education and campaign for changes in the country’s abortion law .. European Court Rules Portugal Violated Women on Waves ‘ right to abortion services on Ship TypeThe European Court of Human Rights ruled this week that Portugal Dutch powered women injured on Waves’ right to free speech if a naval blockade on the bar the organization ship from Portuguese waters in 2004, reports Reuters. Women on Waves operates an on-board clinic that offers the abortion pill in international waters women in countries where abortion is illegal or restricted.

Pain patients starts Clinical Centers of Excellence in Pain Management Awards ProgramThe American Pain Society , the country will honor outstanding each year care programs by naming Clinical Centers of Excellence in Pain Management, the organization announced today. It is estimated that 50 million Americans have chronic pain, and nearly 25 million experience acute pain each year of trauma, injury or surgery.Circassia has a highly experienced management team to a proven track record of product development and marketing. Following successful two fundraising rounded the company is by a consortium of of world-class venture capital and institutional investors, including Imperial Innovations, Lansdowne Partners, Goldman and Invesco Perpetual is ensured concluded.