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‘We are from this preliminary safety results are encouraging and we look forward to evaluating the safety and efficacy of PF – 04360365 in phase 2 multiple dose studies, ‘said Martin M. Clinical Senior Director, Pfizer lead for the PF – 04360365 program. ‘As we explore multiple compounds and mechanisms to treat Alzheimer’s disease, the safety of the utmost importance that suffer the vulnerability of the. ‘.

The results showed that PF – 04360365 was over this dose range well tolerated.1 During the one year observation period not yet complete, the most common side effect observed events to date were infections of the upper respiratory tract , headache , back pain and diarrhea , and all were mild or moderate in severity.1.. In phase 1, double-blind, placebo – controlled study, patients with mild to moderate Alzheimer ‘s disease were randomized to one of five working groups to PF – 04360365 as a single two – hour intravenous infusion received ranges from 0, 1 to 10 mg / kg or placebo 0.1 These patients were monitored for one year, and to date, four of the five working groups have the 1 year observation period completed.Investigations show that mutagens drugs developed in order kill viruses they can be more.

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