Technologists enjoy their jobs.

Contact: Maryann Verrillo Society of Nuclear MedicineThe future looks bright for nuclear medicine technologists. Technologists enjoy their jobs, their salaries are near the top of the scale for occupations with similar educational requirements , are well trained and stay ready for growth and change. These facts of from a recent survey of SNMTS, a scientific organization nearly 8,000 – of the art and science of molecular imaging, nuclear medicine and technology promotes picked sponsored.

The study also makes recommendations for the profession. These recommendations include technologists technologists to pursue approval in all states in order to meet the needs of standardized and the safety of the public, promotion, law legal scope of practice for technologists, expand the knowledge base and skills to fusion imaging with latest technologies include; closely follow the work of scientists and industry on new imaging technologies and provide education programs as necessary, and work to the number of certified technicians to increase in all states in this country..From that grouping, a total of 9,223 those surveyed had giving baseline cognitive and functional assessment and was linked Medicare claims; five hundred sixteen survived severe sepsis with and 4 E. Survives nonsepsis Hospitalisation. .