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The American College of Physician Executives, 000 members, teaches leadership and management skills for doctors go to this link . ACPE has been serving physician leader for more than 30 years.APHA welcomes House Resolution and next week the hearing on the link between climate change and health, United States – APHA welcomed Chairman Edward J. Markey and Congresswoman Hilda L. Solis the House Select Committee on for Energy Independence and Global Warming on today’s introduction of a resolution and announcement of a congressional hearing on the critical relationship between public health and global warming.

The bipartisan resolution Markey and Solis introduced recognizes the connection between the changes in the global climate and health concerns such as disease, pollution, water supply and quality, and other important health effects Benjamin will be other leading experts in the field of health. Climate change and participate in the committee meeting hearing testimony on Wednesday, April, 2008, in order to explore these critical issues.

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