The drop the salt!

An APD visit the DAA website and go to Find an APD ‘.. . It is not well understood that almost everyone ‘s health is adversely affected by the salt they eat are said Dr. Bruce Neal. The drop the salt! campaign is the first salt reduction cohesive national efforts in Australia. 1 This press release was the AWASH Secretariat, which coordinates the day-to-day activities of AWASH and ultimately issued the responsibility for all outputs from AWASH the Secretariat of an Advisory group, which includes a larger group is informed. People with expertise in a number of different areas of the activities of AWASH. 2 The Australian Division of World Action on Salt and Health is a growing network of individuals and organizations, with salt and its effects on the health. The mission of AWASH the health of the health of Australians by a gradual population-wide reduction in dietary salt consumption, cardiovascular disease and other health problems improve salt.

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