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Medical abortions for minors would be required even to the minors to notify parents if a the procedure the procedure because of a medical emergency. Judges would be required to consider several factors before granting a bypass including the minor’s ability to ‘explain the medical consequences of abortion, ‘the minor ‘ emotional stability, credibility and behavior as a witness, ‘and if ‘there has been no unacceptable influence ‘of another person on the little desire for the Herald (Miami Herald.. Regulations minorsFlorida: The State House Civil Justice Committee voted 4-3 on Wednesday to a bill that the state parental notification law search to to abortion for minors to to approve the extension period in which judges a bypass 2-5 days, the Miami Herald reports to decide. The law requires doctors face or telephone the parents or legal guardians of minors seeks abortion at least 48 hours in advance of the implementation the procedure or 72 hours in advance by registered mail if the parents or guardians can not be reached otherwise notified.

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