The National Institutes of Health funded the study.

The National Institutes of Health funded the study. Co – authors were student Laura Edgington and former student Alicia Berger, and post-doctoral researchers Galia Blum, PhD, Victoria Albrow, and Margot Paulick, all Bogyo lab. Another factor was a postdoctoral Neil Lineberry.

Apoptosis is a carefully orchestrated sequence of intracellular events cell death. The cell takes itself apart in a finite number of steps, said Matthew Bogyo, Associate Professor of Pathology and Microbiology and Immunology, and a member of the Stanford Cancer Center.The study of Qi Dai, Assistant Professor of Medicine , and colleague appears in the September edition of the American Journal of Medicine.

###This work was supported as subsidies from the nation Institutes of Health James C. Jackson. Eric Bch assistant professor of medicine and psychiatry at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Borenstein, and Yougui Wu, the University by South Florida , and Eric B. Of to the Group Health Cooperative of Puget Sound had co-authors the study. Contact Us:.