The principal contractor Mowlem Plc

The principal contractor Mowlem Plc, of White Lion Court, Swan Street, Isleworth, Middlesex, and RAM Services Ltd of Holyoake House, Lower House Lane, Burnley, the 3D frameworks Ltd . Employs, each pleaded guilty to charges of violation of section 3 of the law, it fails to ensure the safety of people not in their employment policies. Mowlem was fined 000? And ordered? Pay 000 costs. RAM Services Ltd also known guilty a fee in accordance with Regulation 29 of the Construction that it does not, that the scaffolding has their own staff their own staff properly investigated to ensure that it was safe to use. RAM Services has overall? 000 fine and ordered to? Pay 000 costs.

He was employed by 3D Scaffolding Ltd and under the control of a visiting contracts manager David Swindell. Irlam was contracted to work for RAM Services Ltd, itself a sub-contractor of the project, the prime contractor, Mowlem Group PLC.

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