The researchers studied 35 children with Down syndrome and 33 of their siblings read more.

The researchers studied 35 children with Down syndrome and 33 of their siblings. All children were between the ages of four and 10, and were from the Philadelphia area. The researchers deliberately did not include severely obese children in the study, focus to risk factors for obesity before obesity occurred read more .

Sheela N. A pediatric endocrinologist at Children’s Hospital, the first author of the study, stressed that more research remains to be done on this issue, since the cause is not yet sure why patients with Down syndrome have a higher risk for obesity. ‘Although the study was an advantage in including siblings as a control group had, as this reduces the influence of different environments on children with or without Down syndrome, the sample size was limited, so that larger studies are needed. Promoted worldwide. A useful approach to understanding why obesity often occurs in Down syndrome. ‘.

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