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This study showed Argos researchers that its multiplex RT – PCR strategy prior hurdles overcome by amplification of RNA-competent translationally coding regions of the highly conserved HIV-1 proteins Gag, Rev and Nef. The resulting RNA products represent a complex mixture of antigens by autologous virus quasispecies closely closely related viruses clearly mutated sequences encoded. This technique is useful because it produces reliable, strain – independent, patient – specific antigens but does not require viral sequence data or custom-designed PCR primers for each individual . In addition the researchers showed that. Suggested adding in vitro-transcribed HIV RNA to dendritic cells poly-antigen-specific immune responses in vitro The article called ‘multiplex RT – PCR amplification of HIV genes a completely a completely autologous DC-based immunotherapy for the treatment of HIV infection,’was authored by Irina Tcherepanova ; Jason Harris; Aijing Starr, Jaclyn Cleveland, Helen Ketteringham, David Calderhead; Horvatinovich Joe, Don Healey and Charles A. Nicolette, and may in the 30th Found in January 2008 online issue of PLoS One are.

This studyapeutics publishes novel approach to amplifying HIV genes for personalized immunotherapy treatments for HIVArgos Therapeutics today announced the publication of an article in the peer-reviewed online journal PLoS ONE, support the company’s innovative approach to promoting a patient – specific immune response against HIV infection. The present study describes the adaptation of proprietary Arcelis Argos ‘ technology platform, to create a personalized immunotherapy product that is perfectly matched for each patient unique viral load. This approach overcomes the extreme patient to patient viral diversity that Argos researchers believe is a primary factor in the failure of other HIV immune-based therapies. – The findings from this study, the clinical investigation of what we believe the world’s first commercially feasible personalized immunotherapy for already already be infected with HIV, said Charles Nicolette, Chief Scientific Officer of Argos. We believe the individual, by combining RNA with viral patient’s own antigens coded with dendritic cells from the same patient, it is possible, robust and broad anti – viral immunity , which cause 100 percent relevant to the individual, as well as potentially induce effective control of viral load independent of conventional antiretroviral drug treatment. .

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