UCL is in the top ten world universities in the 2007 THES QS World University Rankings read more.

UCL is in the top ten world universities in the 2007 THES – QS World University Rankings, and the fourth. Ranked UK university in the 2007 ranking of the Top 500 World Universities of Shanghai Jiao Tong University UCL alumni are made include Marie Stopes, Jonathan Dimbleby, Lord Woolf, Alexander Graham Bell and members of the band Coldplay. read more

‘Market investors relationships with its assets and equities are comparable to love-hate relationship with our partners. Just as in a relationship where the future is unexpected, as the market fluctuates, you must be willing to suffer uncertainty and anxiety and go through good and bad times with your shares. You can one of two states of mind. The depressive, individuals can be aware, learn to trust their love and hate and fear gradually wear. ‘What happens in a bubble is that investors detach themselves from anxiety and lose touch with being cautious more or less rationalized wishful thinking then you can go into a lot more risk than they actually realize what they are are ashamed and. Pursued but seldom truly guilty when a bubble bursts. Like falling in idealized love at first only only the best qualities of your beloved, but when everything is real, that is emptied there there are the issues and problems persecute you and blame you.

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