Under the direction of Michael Karin.

This study was conducted in the Laboratory of Gene Regulation and Signal Transduction performed at UC San Diego, under the direction of Michael Karin, Professor of Pharmacology and Pathology and American Cancer Society Research Professor.

‘Using the JNK1 inhibitor, we can use the VEGF production were to reduce in half, ‘said Guma.’The cells were still able to secrete some VEGF, but not enough to cause to overgrowth of blood vessels in the retina, ‘. – This study showed that D-JNKI abnormal expression of VEGF and abnormal formation of blood vessels in the mouse retina, without retinal damage or impaired retinal reduced development., thus identifying an important new pharmacological target for treating ROP in humans for the disease)herapies are increasingly critical because of the increased survival rate of premature infants and because the prevailing current treatment, laser ablation of the retina, is destructive and only partially effective..For further information and form to order, contact ECRI at 825-6000, or 5200 Butler scratch, Plymouth Meeting.. ECRI features apply a reduced combinations Check of $ 795 for 12-month, 10 – a member access to the health care Devices International source base and the 2007 Health Devices Sourcebook. Being purchased it separately, source base for $ 575 for 12-month, 10-user access, and in 2007 Health Devices Sourcebook is of 465 US dollars.