UV radiation in the sunlight.

If not repaired by the cell, it may turn to damage in Before to cancer. Before cells divide, they must replicate or copy their DNA to form new daughter cells. If damage in the DNA is detected even after the cell has a ‘go ahead’given replicate its DNA, sends Timeless / TIPIN complex of a signal during the core of the cell, in order to slow down the rate of replication. This slowdown can the cell additional time to repair its DNA and potentially to cancer cells from dying or save in response to UV radiation. – ‘What we had here discovered that the cell sends an additional SOS and slow DNA replication even after it has begun,’said Dr. William Kaufmann, a professor of pathology and laboratory medicine and a member of UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center and Center for Environmental Health and susceptibility.

With an innovative new technology the replication the replication of DNA strands ultraviolet radiation visible, notices Kaufmann and his co-authors a slowdown of DNA replication when Timeless and TIPIN were present in the cell. Blocks for DNA were labeled with fluorescent molecules so that tracks of newly synthesized DNA could be observed under the microscope and their lengths measured.Even then the viral ten worse to lung as a normal influenza virus.

View drug information about Tamiflu capsule. Copyright of: Medical News Todayscientists say that this H5N1 bird flu strain is ten times more in the induction inflammations in the lung than that ordinary human flu virus – that’s why deadly to humans deadly to humans. Said inflammation is so fast that it. Serious destroy the cells which causes the lungs lines 50 percent of people with this bird flu virus infecting to die.

For a human catching of the avian influenza, he / she has an amount contact with infected birds are. Even then, the infection rates are very low. The more we can may infect that to another person, but that is extremely rare.