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Wisconsin Radio Network:. with $ 5.9 billion spent in this fiscal year is Wisconsin Medicaid programs, one of the largest expenditure in the current state budget, a state legislator says, this is why a thorough revision of the system is needed She says it is hard to believe problems or even fraud does not take place in such a far-reaching program, and. The study would help about a fifth of and resolve these issues (Beckett.

The Back-to – School campaign includes thousands of activities, including health and enrollment fairs. Encourage parents encourage parents to place ‘enrollment their children for the health care coverage ‘at the top of their back – to-school checklist. The cooperating companies work, to spread the message through advertising, public service announcements and by disseminating information on their own sites, listserv announcements, newsletters, conferences and mailings. ‘raise awareness of insurance options is in line with the political agenda of NACDS, improving access to health care promoting,’said NACDS President and CEO Steven C. Anderson, CAE ‘We welcome the work done by covering Kids and to educate families and their efforts to families through Medicaid and SCHIP..Long term New Paths young people protection in tobacco marketing – by of tobacco from the eyes in the shops and removing cigarette – became law through Health Act of 2009 but it could be threatened when government failed to transpose the standards permitting improved. Activities to take effect.. Researchers believe that this finding indicates importance to keep working in order more young people to Quitting smoking stop smoking. Jenny Fidler, lead author in the Cancer Research UK Status Behavioural Forschungszentrum is based at UCL, said: ‘The new law envisages reduce assisted the prevalence of smoking with the younger age of groups These is good news for the future health of of this generation of young people and.