Women make up almost Scientist parentto assist in an innovative program to support young scientists read more.

Women make up almost Scientist parentto assist in an innovative program to support young scientists, especially women, balance their responsibilities as scientists and parents, the American Society for Cell Biology today announced that a grant from the Elsevier Foundation Fund Awards for child care during the 2008 Annual Meeting Society for ASCB Executive Director Joan Goldberg. Goldberg said that the $ 16,000 New Scholars are grant from the Elsevier Foundation of New York City finance the individual awards help cover child care expenses incurred during the ASCB Annual Meeting read more . Women make up almost half of the postdocs in biology, but there is a sharp decrease in the number of women in the ranks of teachers, lecturers and professors. Full participation in major scientific conferences such as the ASCB meeting is crucial in building successful scientific careers. Aspiring young scientists to mark their own work, and to hear and discuss the latest developments in their field, training and networkingetwork of peer contacts to promote cooperation and development, said Goldberg. These grants recognize the importance of the demolition. Barriers to professional development and the value of the ASCB Annual General Meeting into a platform for scientific presentations, training, and networking .

Following Goodenough, WICB long identified family care issues as a continuous obstacle for women researchers who participate in the Company’s Annual General Meeting. Detailed information about the ASCB Child-Care Award Program be forthcoming from the company Web site, by spring. – The ASCB childcare grant is one of seven ‘New Scholars ‘program, which is funded by the Elsevier Foundation, San Francisco in science and technology balance childcare and family responsibilities during the early stages of their careers to helfen.000 members, the ASCB the largest cell biology research society in the world. The ASCB 48th Annual Meeting December 13 to 17, 2008, in San Francisco, CA.

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